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Mrs. Sammi Best - US Government/AP USGoPo/Senior Sponsor

Mrs. Sammi Best
US Government
AP US Government & Politics
Room 523
Class Schedule:
1st Period: Planning
2nd Period: AP US GoPo
3rd Period:  Honors US Government 
4th Period:  Lifeguard
5th Period: AP US GoPo 
6th Period: Honors US Government
7th Period US Government
AP test takers:  
ICU review for 4/12 will be elections and campaigns (Chap 9) 
Please read and be prepared to discuss The Federalist 39 & 51 during ICU review on Wednesday 4/20.  We will also review documents from earlier in the year.  

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Civics test, required for graduation will be given on April 13th. Review on the 12; make every effort to attend.  There is only one school-wide make-up exam scheduled.


Correction to power point: 
I apologize for not correcting misprinted information earlier;   There are 94 district courts, not 91

Just added a link to crash course videos.  11-12, 14-17 are helpful when studying the Executive branch and the bureaucracy. 

Honors Government

Don't forget Declaration of Independence projects are due tomorrow! 10 points of your grade will be the reading of the document. We will ONLY READ ALOUD TOMORROW!

AP Schedule Change

Chapters 12, 14 DIRT Quiz will be Thursday 2/16; we are not reading 13. Chapter 15 will still be on 2/21

AP Unit Test 1 Retakes

Retakes are only allowed on the first Unit Test.   If you will be considering retakes, you must show me all key terms and essential questions from Chapters 1-3, and you must attend a remediation question session during ICU.  Anyone wishing to do retakes must schedule with me BEFORE the end of this week. 
Also all notes have been updated and reposted.