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Mrs. Hut - Personal Finance

Mrs. Hut
Personal Finance
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Welcome to my website.  As we are winding down this school year the students recently completed a personal finance simulation in the library.  The students were magically grown up and 26 years of age with a full time entry level job in the career of their choice.  Students had to go to different stations and purchase housing, transportation, food, insurance, savings, utilities, and personal items.  Students had to keep a checking account register and live on the amount of net pay their full time job paid.  Some students had to get part time jobs, while others had money left over.  The salary students received for their chosen careers were researched and compiled by The University of Tennessee.  The salaries were entry level salaries for our state.  
Students have also spent time recently learning more about credit and credit reports.  Hopefully students will leave class with a good
understanding of debt, credit, the importance of paying off debt quickly, what items are calculated in a credit score, and why it is important to have a good credit score.  
In the area to the right there is a link to my Weebly page.  There are student resources available on this site.  Students will need to click on the link named Student Resources to get to information sheets for all lessons we have covered up to this point.