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Ms. Hope Bakari-English I Advanced Honors

Ms. Bakari
English I Honors
Room 108
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1st Period  Leadership
2nd Period English I Advanced Honors
3rd Period
4th Period English I Advanced Honors
5th Period English I Advanced Honors
6th Period English I Advanced Honors
7th Period English I Advanced Honors
Welcome to my class website. Here you will find assignments and other helpful information to keep you up-to-date on everything you need to know for class.  I am looking forward to having an awesome year with you!
This class is not about grades, but about learning.  My expectation is that students come to class willing to explore any current notions they may have about the world around them as well as about themselves.  The challenging nature of our texts is a stimulus for students to make their own decisions about published authors, about themselves as writers, about their classmates as writers, and about the ongoing questions that relate to what it means to be a responding, acting human being both individually and as a part of society.  True learning is about discovery.  As a teacher, my goal is to guide students in this incredible act of discovery, rather than fill them with facts and information.  At the end of this class, I want my students to be more aware of who they are, how they can contribute to society, and how these revelations impact the way in which they see and interact with literature.  
Standards-Based Grading:

Stewarts Creek High School runs on a nine-week grading system. Grades will be calculated the same way each nine weeks. We will be using a STANDARDS-BASED grading system this year.  My goal for  each student is that they become competent communicators in the areas of reading, writing, and speaking, and using a standards-based grading system will help students identify the areas in which they excel and the areas in which they need the most work.  Students will be graded on each standard multiple times throughout the 9 weeks period.  The grading scale is as follows:



  • 4.0=100    Exceeds standards.  Students who show mastery have shown that they understand the standard in-depth, and are       able to go beyond grade-level expectation and add more to the assignment than required.
  • 3.0 = 90    Meets standards.  Students has met grade-level standards and are able to do so independently with successful results.
  • 2.0 = 70    Partially meets standards. Student has the information to meet the standard, but still needs assistance to master all parts of the standard expectations at grade-level.
  • 1.0 = 60    Does not meet standards. Student does not know how to go about meeting the standard, although they have the materials to do so.  Student work is below the grade-level standard.
  • 0=                LACK OF EVIDENCE (Students did not complete or turn in an assignment and will be placed on the ICU list.)


Students may also be scored “between” levels--i.e., a 2.5=80%-- depending on their mastery of the standards.




**Late work may be penalized up to 10% in the gradebook.**


Recent Posts

Music Monday: Elastic Heart by Sia

Do NOW: Music Monday- Identify examples of rhetorical devices from the song. This can include figurative language, such as metaphor as well as sound devices, such as repetition. Explain how the use of these rhetorical devices adds to the effectiveness of the song. This should be completed on notebook paper and turned in to me tomorrow.

All students should have received an updated progress report from me today.  If not, please see me on Wednesday when I return. 

Vocabulary Practice- A Sound of Thunder

word list

The words listed are from the short story "A Sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury.  My plan is to begin reading the story on Thursday.  To prepare, please define each word, identify at least one synonym and antonym for each, and use each word in a sentence.  Because I'm so late posting the assignment, it will not be due until this Friday.  Please complete it in your composition books.

Fences Analysis

This is the video shown to you in class today during our Fences station activity. It may benefit you to take a look at it again. Your test is tomorrow. Please remember to bring your copy of Fences with you to class.

Music Monday 8/20/2018

Music Monday:  Listen to the song "Cool Kids" by Echosmithexamining the lyrics as you enjoy it. Compare the central ideas of the song "Cool Kids" with the central ideas of either ...Part-Time Indian or ...Miss Jane Pittman.  Be sure to cite evidence. 

Summer Reading Paired Text: TONIGHT

Continue annotating your assigned text, cycling through steps 2, 3, and 4 from your annotation guide for EACH paragraph.  You need to be ready to complete all questions, multiple choice and short answer for tomorrow. 

Summer Reading Paired Text

I have paired two non-fiction common literature articles with each of the summer reading selections.  If you read The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian, you will use the articles "From Resistance to Reservations" and "Obstacles."  If you read The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, you will read 'Why Sit Here and Die" speech and "Obstacles."  You will answer ALL questions associated with both articles.