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Ms. Hope Bakari-English I Honors

Ms. Bakari
English I Honors
Room 120
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English I Honors
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4th Period English I 
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Recent Posts

14 March 2018

Using the article "Back From War but Not Really Home," complete an informational text summary using the writing frame.  Once you have completed the writing frame, rewrite the completed summary on notebook paper. Turn it in to the appropriate box. 

13 March 2018

  • These assignments are due TODAY:
  • Complete page 1267 #'s 1,2,3,6,7,8,9,10,11.   All responses should be no less than 3 sentences each, including evidence.  ​
  • Complete page 1268 (ALL).​

MUSIC MONDAY--"Sorry" by Justin Bieber

Identify the Mood of the song "Sorry" by Justin Bieber. Your first sentence should be the definition of mood. Mood is the feeling or atmosphere that the writer creates for the reader.​ Be sure to provide evidence in the form of no less than two quotes from the lyrics, as well as your explanation of how the quote supports your assessment of the mood. Be sure to end your paragraph with a well-written concluding sentence.

3rd Quarter Update

Hello All!
We are approaching the end of crazy quarter 3 and with that several assignments are due:
1. Odyssey and Epic Notes
2. "My Name is Matilda" poetry analysis
3. "The Odyssey" Part One Test
4. "Back From War but Not Really Home" Annotation and Analysis
In addition, any assignment or essay that you wish to re-do for better understanding AND a better grade must be turned in by Friday!!

Folks, we are half way there!  Whether the glass is half full OR half empty depends on your outlook.  I'd like to consider it half full, especially because we are about to begin one of my favorite units, using The Odyssey by Homer.  We will examine elements of an epic, elements of an epic hero, rhetoric, figurative language, argumentative writing, and vocabulary.   Get ready for the journey of a lifetime!!

Scottsboro Boys Case

The case of the Scottsboro Boys influenced Harper Lee to ultimately write To Kill a Mockingbird.