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Erin Alvarado » Tips for Troubleshooting Student Devices

Tips for Troubleshooting Student Devices

  • Account is blocked
    •  Visit to reset your password. It may take up to 24 hours for a block to clear. If you have forgotten your security questions or no longer have access to the phone you used to register for password reset, or if you're unable to reset your password, please fill out this form
  • Volume is not working 
    •  Check to make sure the volume is not turned down or muted. The FN + F1 (mute/unmute), FN + F2 (turns volume down), FN + F3 (turns volume up).  
    •  If wearing headphones that have a volume toggle, ensure that volume is up. 
  • Screen is dim  
    • Check the following: The FN + Arrow Up button (brightens screen), FN + Arrow Down (dims screen). 
  • WIFI is not working  
    • If you see a globe in the lower right corner, the WIFI is disconnected. If you see the WIFI symbol, it is connected.  
    • To connect, click on the globe and connect to your WIFI (RCS-Intune while at school). *Another problem may be that you are in Airplane mode. To turn off Airplane mode, click on the WIFI symbol and click on the Airplane mode button 
  • Getting webpage errors: 
    • Try switching browsers (use Chrome instead of Edge or vice versa) 
    • You may need to clear your browsing history, also called the internet cache. Whether you are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you can use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Del and the dialogue box will open to clear your browsing history. It is best to change the Time Range to “All time.” After you have cleared your cache, close the browser, and then open a new window and try the website again. This trick clears up a lot of internet problems.
  • System low on resources/ or unable to login new users because profile is full (or anything like this)  
    • RESTART the computer  
    • This normally occurs when a student closes the lid of the computer before the computer has finished the sign-off process.  
  • Nothing can be saved to Documents or Desktop.  
    • If anything is downloaded in Downloads, it will disappear at the next sign-in. All documents must be saved to OneDrive. Open OneDrive and Downloads folder and simply drag the document from Downloads to One Drive. 
    • Get in the habit of using online apps Word and PowerPoint because these documents will automatically save to your OneDrive account. 
  • If no amount of troubleshooting will work (key is stuck/broken, device will not turn on, etc.): 
    • In-Class Student Device: 
      • Fill out a Device Work Order Ticket and stick to top of device. Send it to the library and we will get the device to School Tech. 
    • School-Issued  Student Device: 
      • Fill out the Student Work Order and come to library to sign up for a Tech Desk appointment and get a pass from Mrs. Alvarado (Tech Desk is open by appointment during ICU only)