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Spanish Resources

¡Hola–Consulte estos recursos!

Culture & Literature

  • Fun Learning Spanish:  Articles are in both English and Spanish. It covers many aspects of Spanish culture and has a handy calendar with all the different fiestas for each month!
  • El Cuentacuentos:  Here you will find short stories in Spanish that every kid knows and loves, from Cinderella to Peter Pan and—coming soon—even Shrek!
  • Cervantes Virtual: Cervantes Virtual is an interesting online library with many books and articles available in PDF. It has a great section of poems and stories for kids, and some of the masterpieces of Spanish literature for adults!
  • Ciudad Seva: Ciudad Seva is another online library which is really useful when looking for resources for adults or secondary students. It also has an interesting collection of plays and short stories.
  • Tecla Magazines: Tecla magazines is all leveled and has a range of activities on reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and writing practice. Best of all, it comes with an audio track so you can also practice listening skills!


  • The Spanish Forum:  The real strength of this website is its grammar worksheets. These are really well organized, attractive and include a clear explanation at the beginning.
  • Conjugation:  The great aspect about this website is that it’s extremely easy to use and it will save you so much time if you’re putting together verb tables. Just choose your verb and what tenses you’d like the table to have.


  • Lightbulb Languages:  Simple and fun, but perfect for practicing vocabulary.
  • Linguascope: This site has activities on many topics, organized by different abilities. It’s really useful for vocabulary learning, and includes games and audios to practice pronunciation.
  • FluentU:  FluentU is unlike any other language learning site out there. It takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

Other Resources