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Technology » Office 365 & OneDrive for Collaboration-Beginning Session

Office 365 & OneDrive for Collaboration-Beginning Session

Office 365 for Collaboration-Beginning Session

Use Office 365 for instruction, collaboration, assignments, communication, and more. This session provides practices for utilizing Office 365's collaborative features and help you to integrate them to increase the effectiveness of PLCs as well as classroom instruction. OneDrive provides users with unlimited cloud based storage so there is no need of CDs or thumb drives. This is an exciting free tool that can greatly enhance your classroom experiences.

Bell work:(5 min)

  • Log into your Office 365 Account
  • Click on the following link and complete the task. Bell work Assignment

Session Objectives:

  • Review Office 365 features such as Email, People, Groups, and Calendar.
  • Explore how to create, upload, and share files in OneDrive.
  • Explore how to utilize OneDrive to organize and increase productivity for classroom 
          activities and PLCs

PLC Guiding Principles:

1. What is it we want our students to learn?

2. How will we know if each student has learned it?

3. How will we respond when some students do not learn it?

4. How can we extend and enrich the learning for students who have demonstrated proficiency?

Success Criteria
Participants will:

  • Know the difference between a student account and teacher account.
  • Create a contact list (distribution list) and example of how it is different than a group.
  • Create a calendar event with the correct time and send an invitation to contacts.
  • Navigate between shared with me and files.
  • Create a folder and a file.
  • Share a file with contacts.
  • Determine how they can use this with contacts, PLCs, and students.

Digital Citizenship
Professionalism, Password, Privacy, Protection, Permanence

How Can We Use OneDrive?

  • Storage - Upload or Create Files (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Excel Survey, OneNote)
  • Email as an Attachment
  • Share Files or Folders (View Only, Can Edit, or Share Link)
  • Collaborate (PLCs, Faculty, Admin, Students)
Task 1:  Introduction:  The Why and What (10 minutes)
  • What do you already know?  (Click here)

Task 2:  Let's Review (30 minutes)

  • Overview Outlook, Office 365, OneDrive - what is the difference?
  • Outlook - email - setting and features
  • Calendar - events, sharing, permissions
  • People - contacts, groups, contact list/distribution group (**Currently, contact lists can only be created in installed Outlook.)

Email Settings and features

Managing Your Office 365 Calendar

Contact Lists (Distribution) Vs Office 365 Groups
Office 365 provides many opportunities for collaboration which allow for different purposes and functionality. Let's take a moment and discuss the options provided within Contact Lists (Distribution Lists) vs. Office 365 Groups.
"One of the main obstacles I faced when making Distribution Lists is remembering that Office 365 refers to them as Contact Lists"

A Contact List is a grouping of two or more email addresses. The purpose of a Contact List is to eliminate the the timely process of entering individual email addresses by using one address to email multiple people. Attachments can be added to the Contact List email to share among those in the list.

An Office 365 Group is a cross between the traditional distribution list and a shared mailbox. It stores previously distributed e-mails as discussion threads. A Group also has storage (OneDrive Account) assigned to it that members can use to share files and folders with all group members.

Task 3:  OneDrive (45 minutes)
What is cloud computing?

Creating and uploading documents/folders

The Anatomy of One Drive

Additional Tasks (Time Permitting)
  • Review the OneDrive App or Word App
  • Review Office Lens App and Immersive Reader features
  • Immersive Reader in Installed Word 2016
    --The file must be saved as a .docx and Office 2016 must be installed (this is where we need that file I sent to the group)
    --Select the View tab and Read Mode-->select View and Read Aloud
      Notice the features in installed 2016 (text spacing, etc.)

Closure Activity
Visit our SCH PD Group and join the conversation in the group.