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Technology » One Note-Class Notebook

One Note-Class Notebook

OneNote Class Notebook


Bell Work:


Why Use Class Notebook?
This video gives a very good idea of why you would want to use this tool.


Session Objectives:

  • Explain the three parts of the class notebook like Collaboration Space, Content Library and Student Notebook
  • Create a new class notebook using the OneNote Class Notebook
  • Add new students to an existing notebook
  • Add new teachers to an existing notebook
  • Learn how to access the links for your existing notebooks easily
  • Describe the uses for Class Notebook

Success Criteria:

  • Participants can locate and access a Class Notebook
  • Participants can add new students to the Class Notebook
  • Participants can add feedback using audio, video, drawing tools, orther advanced options

Provide Recorded Audio Feedback in OneNote

Watch this example of how a teacher provides students with audio feedback in OneNote. Practice adding audio feedback to a page in OneNote. Select See Playback to review what you added.


Class Notebook Add-In

Watch the Class Notebook Add-In video tutorial below. Please take notes using the Quick Notes feature. This is in BETA!!!!!!! What features make Class Notebook more user friendly? How will you use this? Be prepared to explain this to the group.



Always begin Online
Must have Office 2013 or 2016 to Sync

Let's Review the 4 Guiding PLC Questions

1. What is it we want our students to learn? 
2. How will we know if each student has learned it? 
3. How will we respond to the students who do not learn it?
4. How will we extend and enrich our students learning if they have demonstrated