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Mrs. Watson--English II Core and Inclusion

Mrs. Watson
English II Core,  English II Inclusion
Room 122
Class Schedule: 
1st Period
English II Core
2nd Period English II Core/Inclusion
3rd Period Planning
4th Period
English II Core
5th Period English II Core
6th Period English II Core
7th Period English II Core/Inclusion
Mrs. Watson's Grading Policy:


Stewarts Creek High School runs on a nine-week grading system. Grades will be calculated the same way each nine weeks. We will be using a STANDARDS-BASED grading system this year.  My goal for  each student is that they become competent communicators in the areas of reading, writing, and speaking, and using a standards-based grading system will help students identify the areas in which they excel and the areas in which they need the most work.  Students will be graded on each standard multiple times throughout the 9 weeks period.  The grading scale is as follows:

  • 4.0 = 100 Exceeds standards.  Students who show mastery have shown that they understand the standard in-depth, and are able to go beyond grade-level expectation and add more to the assignment than required.
  • 3.0 = 90 Meets standards.  Students has met grade-level standards and are able to do so independently with successful results.
  • 2.0 = 70 Partially meets standards. Student has the information to meet the standard, but still needs assistance to master all parts of the standard expectations at grade-level.
  • 1.0 = 60 Does not meet standards. Student does not know how to go about meeting the standard, although they have the materials to do so.  Student work is below the grade-level standard.
  • 0= LACK OF EVIDENCE (Students did not complete or turn in an assignment and will be placed on the ICU list.)


Students may also be scored “between” levels--i.e., a 2.5=80%-- depending on their mastery of the standards.

 Students’ assignments are categorized in INow (gradebook) as: 

50% assessment/tests;  40% Classwork; 10% Practice (aka, homework).


**Late work may be penalized up to 10% in the gradebook.**


Recent Posts

Midterm Exam Information

The midterm exam in English II will consist of 100 multiple choice questions.  These questions will be based on two non-fiction articles, the novel, Night, and the play, Antigone.  Since Night is the most recent study we've done, about 65-70% of the questions will come from that novel.  The test includes stand-alone comprehension questions as well as passage-based skills questions. Please be sure to review your study guides (from the station review we did in class).
The midterm is worth 15% of the TOTAL SEMESTER GRADE.
Rules for Midterm:
1. Mrs. Watson will seat you.  Sitting in your assigned seat is NOT optional.
2. NO PHONES OR SMART WATCHES may be on your person during the exam.  Students will be expected to turn off those devices and put them in the bin provided by Mrs. Watson for the duration of the exam.  As soon as all exams have been turned in for that class period, students may retrieve their items. 
(Unfortunately, we've had some incidents of cheating with those devices, so like the ACT exam, they will NOT be permitted during testing.)
3. You must remain quiet during the exam. Mrs. Watson will let you know when it's ok to talk once all tests are returned.
4. If you owe me any work, you will be required to complete that work once you finish the exam.
5. No restroom or snack breaks are permitted during the exam except in case of emergency, per school policy.  Please take care of those needs prior to the exam.

Night Quotes Station Key
This is your Night Quotes station key from our midterm exam station review.  Four of these quotes will be on your exam. 
Night Matching Station Key
This is the Night Matching Station from your midterm review.  Make sure you study these things, people, and quotes from the novel for your exam.
Antigone Station Key
This is the ANTIGONE STATION key from your Midterm Station Review.  You need to know these passages from the exam. Use your copy and make sure that your answers are similar to mine!


Please bring Antigone study guides and station review to use for open notes. Your exam will be about 50 questions.  You will need a pencil.

MANY Missing Assignments!!!

I have updated grades, and MANY, MANY assignments are missing!  Please make sure that you've turned in the following:
Chernobyl Article from Common Lit (all questions)
"By the Waters of Babylon" questions #1-10 on page 322
"On Nuclear Disarmament" questions #1-10 on page 660
THESE ARE ALL AVAILABLE ON THE "Handouts and Readings" SECTION OF THIS WEBSITE!  Any assignments not turned in by the end of the period on Thursday will be put on the ICU list.

Common Lit Chernobyl Article

If you have not yet turned in your "Chernobyl" (Common Lit article) or your textbook questions from "Babylon" (page 322) or "On Nuclear Disarmament" (pg. 660), they are LATE and will be on the ICU list on Thursday!!
Please check INOW to see if I have your assignments.  If it says "MI" or is blank, I DO NOT HAVE THESE FROM YOU! 
All readings/questions are on the "Handouts and Readings" section of this website.

Writing Assessment Tomorrow! Homework Due Tomorrow!

All of the articles that you'll use for evidence are listed on the "Handouts & Readings" page on my website.  Also, if you have not completed this week's classwork, the following are due tomorrow:
1. "By the Waters of Babylon" questions #1-10 on page 322.
2. "On Nuclear Disarmament" questions #1-10 on page 660
3. Common Lit article--Chernobyl--all questions. 
ALL of these assignments are on the HANDOUTS & READINGS section.

Homework (Due 8/16--Thursday)

1. Subscribe to my website! 
2. Send an email to me (from your school email) at  which answers the following question based on the short story, "By the Waters of Babylon."  Your answer should be about 5 sentences in length, and should include at least 3 details from the short story.  
How do the narrator's experiences and ideas help express the author's TONE, or attitude, toward the ruined city and its people?


Please text @schwatson to 81010 to get updates from Mrs. Watson concerning tests, assignments, and class information.  Both parents and students can join Remind.

English II Supply List for 2018-2019 School Year:
Daily Supplies needed:
  • Pencils*
  • Pens (Blue/Black for writing; multi-colored for annotations)*
  • 1 inch binder with five (5) tabbed dividers*
  • College-ruled notebook paper*
  • Highlighters (pink, yellow, blue, orange, green)*
  • Composition book
  • 1 box of tissue (EACH STUDENT SHOULD BRING A BOX, PLEASE!  We go through A LOT of tissue, especially during allergy seasons in Tennessee!)
  • 4X6 index cards 
* Needed by August 14, 2018*
We will do several projects throughout the year where poster board, markers, colored pencils, glue, etc. may be used.  I will send a notice for any special supplies needed at least two weeks prior to the due date of any project.  
TEACHER WISH LIST:  If you can help me gather any of the following supplies, I will be very grateful!
  • Expo/Dry Erase markers
  • Colored pens/pencils
  • Markers (Crayola or similar)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lysol wipes
  • Colored printer paper (Any color other than white is greatly appreciated!!)