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AP US History - Mr. Denton

Students:  Please email Mr. Denton if you have any questions.  Below, you will find the resources he has for you laid out in several sections.  Be intentional about reading the directions for each section.
Instructions for Section 1: Review the Curriculum Standards for Periods 1-7. AP has announced that the exam will ONLY consist of content from Periods 1-7 (1491-1945).
Instructions for Section 2: Read each of the following content review packets for Periods 1-7. My suggestion would be to read the Content Standards for Period 1 and then read the Review Packet for Period 1.
Instructions for Section 3: Read each of the following review packets for Multiple-Choice, Long Essay, and Short-Answer questions. Remember, we do NOT yet know what format the online/late exams will be. More information will come soon.
Instructions for Section 4: After finishing work on Content Standards and Review Packets, work on the Denton Made Practice Exam. I will upload the answers/performance data information later (probably the second week of April). There are about 6-7 questions that come from Periods 8-9 (1945-present). Do your best and don't fret about those at the moment.