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Microsoft Email Self-Service Password Change Directions


All 6-12 Students must complete the sign-up process in the first section below before they can login to anything Microsoft related including Clever. 


Microsoft Self-Service Password Registration 

Change Your RCS Password 
Students:  If your account is BLOCKED or has been compromised, you MUST CHANGE your password.  
    • To change your password: Click the following link or click on "Can't access your account?" on the sign on page to change your password and/or unlock your account from any device.
    • If you haven't registered for SSPR or can't remember your security questions or don't have access to the phone number or email you used to set it up, please fill out a work order to request that the block be cleared and your SSPR options reset. You can find the Student Device & Blocked Account Work Order link under the Students tab. 
How Can My Account Be Compromised and/or Locked??
Check out the video below to become educated about the difference between Phishing and Spam Emails.