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Stewarts Creek to Offer Dual Enrollment Music Theory

Fine Arts Academy

In every University music program, the Music Theory curriculum is a gauntlet through which all music students must pass.  Music Theory, while designed to give deeper meaning and understanding to music of the Western Classical tradition, can become one of the most abstract and difficult set of courses for the young musician.

Starting this Fall, students and Stewarts Creek High School will be offered an unparalleled advantage by taking Dual Enrollment Music Theory.  Not only will students enter their senior auditions with a better understanding of music theory, they’ll enter college with college credit and immediately enroll in advanced Music Theory courses.

Offered through the University of Tennessee at Martin, DE Music Theory will satisfy the first semester of Music Theory at all state colleges in Tennessee.  The course will focus on the ‘why’s and ‘hows’ of music: chords and chord progressions, non-harmonic tones, non-standard clefs, part-writing, etc. 

The Stewarts Creek Fine Arts Academy is the only high school in Rutherford County to offer Music Theory as a Dual Enrollment courese.  Ultimately, Stewarts Creek plans to offer Music Theory I, Music Theory II, Fundamentals of Music, and Music History – all as dual enrollment classes – that will offer the future music major a pathway to advanced study in college, higher chances of acceptance into college music programs, and more scholarship opportunities.  Students can enter college with twelve credit hours toward a music degree.

Most importantly, music students at Stewarts Creek will gain a deeper understanding of their art, continuing the tradition and culture of excellence in Fine Arts upon which the Academy is built.

Rising Juniors and Seniors interested in enrolling in Dual Enrollment Music Theory should sign up for the course when registering for classes.  Students, grades 8-11, should plan on attending the Informational Meeting at 8pm on Tuesday, March 10, to learn more about the Stewarts Creek Fine Arts Academy.


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