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Mr. Reed - English III

Mr. Reed
English III
SCHS Dungeoneers 
Rm. 114
Period 1 English III
Period 2 English III
Period 3  Planning
Period 4 English III
Period 5 English III
Period 6 English III
Period 7 English III

Recent Posts

January 29

Today we finished chapter IV. Tomorrow we will answer questions relating to that chapter and continue to find evidence to support the two themes you have chosen.

January 24

Finish chapter 3.
Vocabulary quiz for parts 1 & 2 on Friday, January 25.

October 8-12

This week we will be writing a new ending for The Crucible. Monday will serve as a story review and a lecture on writing dialogue. I have uploaded the lecture in a previous post. This should take all week. 

September 24-28

This is homecoming week, so we expect interruptions in class. A couple of things:
1. We will continue to read, hoping to finish the play this week.
2. The end of the nine weeks is this Thursday. If you owe work, get it in before fall break. Missing assignments will turn into zeros on your report card. 

September 17-21

We will be reading and discussing Act II of The Crucible this week. Friday will include a close read activity. I will post any extra work as needed. 

September 10-14

We are reading chapter 1 of The Crucible this week. At the end of the chapter, we will do a character chart and answer questions. 

Date Text Activity
September 4 The Crucible Stations Activity
September 5 The Crucible Documentary
September 6 The Crucible Chapter 1 Vocabulary
September 7 The Crucible Begin Reading Ch. 1